Alexander Franco was born in Palmira Valle, Colombia as the youngest of seven siblings. He has spent over 37 years on his journey pursuing his passion. 

Alexander's catalogue of work can be traced back to the initial spark when, at five years of age, his grandfather invited him to paint the furniture that he made. He sold his first painting at age six. At the age of eight, he won an award for artistic prowess, and from there his course was set.

 After a tragic loss at the age of 21, Alex moved from Colombia to Manhattan, and used the natural energy and distractions of the city to salve his pain. This led him to discover new ways of expressing abstraction. Alexander began molding acrylic on canvas. We began to see his attempts to capture the essence of the soul with bold colors and unending lines. These paintings act as a portal to a different world of color, form, balance and perception. These images plead with us to run from what our senses have known, and transport us to another dimensions. 

Alexander is convinced that we are all on an individual mission in life. His mission is to share his creativity and to express himself through art. His body serves as a vehicle to connect his spirit with Mother Nature. "When I'm painting, I enter into a trance, where the world around me disappears, and a connection forms between myself and my canvas. I cannot explain how the finished product forms. The ideas and images come to me, the painting tells me the colors and the forms it needs to reach its fullest expression.”

Alexander has a firm belief that painting is not only something we can see but also is something we can hear and feel. This connection can help the soul become peaceful and open to the greater connections and energy of the universe. He strives to find the synchronous melody that aids those he connects with to become more, enjoy more and share that positive energy with others. Alexander continues to pursue this elusive energy through his paintings. He feels that his art is part of a never ending evolution. He is inspired by love, nature, and the people who leave their mark on the world. 

Today, Alexander Franco's art is experienced and enjoyed in more than fifty countries worldwide. 

Alexander dedicates 10% of all profits to help the elderly.